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Call us crazy, but we're that one weird married couple who actually likes working together. With bachelor's degrees (information technology with a focus on web development, and multimedia design with a focus on design and development), years of experience, and a passion for great art and amazing customer service, we put our heads together to create designs that you won't soon forget.

We have been designing for many years, starting with artwork throughout our school years. In 1999 we got married, our hearts already set on business ownership in the future. After working for "the man" for several years, in 2005 we launched a small newspaper featuring local entertainment and things to do around the area. The paper was around for about two years, but health & family issues caused us to hang it up. We continued doing freelance design work, and in December 2013 Stahr Design became an LLC. In 2017 we changed our name to Stahr Media to better reflect the wide range of work we do.

While the majority of our projects are web and print design, we do so many other things, as well. Have a design or technology project in mind and don't see anything related in our portfolio? Contact us to find out how we can help!

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Great design and amazing customer service don't have to break the bank. Here are just a few of the affordable ways we can help:


Custom website design, development & maintenance. Hosting, domain & email setup. Content management system consulting.


Logo design & branding. Periodicals, newsletters & annual reports. Advertising design, including billboard, banners & clothing.


Advertising sales & design. Social media setup, training, management and consulting. Copy writing & copy editing. Marketing consulting.


Personal & business technology repair, setup & training. Photo scanning, correction and repair. Photography, video and PowerPoint.

You might be wondering why we don't list our prices. Let us tell you: Every job is different. Website designs vary so much that it would be a disservice for us to charge a flat rate based on a Gold, Silver or Bronze package, for example. We'll work with you to come up with options that meet your needs AND fit your budget.

Would you like to know more or just discuss something? Maybe what you're thinking of isn't listed here?

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Our Work

We have worked on hundreds of projects so here is just a sampling of our recent favorites.



Whitside County Senior Center

Senior Center

Website redesigns, 2018

Whiteside County Public Transportation and Senior Center were looking for redesigns on both of their websites. The senior center's website contained outdated information, and the new director was unable to access the website to update it. Additionally, the transportation website was non-functioning.

We worked with the client not only to redesign the two websites, but to gain control of their domain names and GSuite accounts, saving them hundreds of dollars per year.

Designed using HTML & CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver, as well as Adobe Photoshop.

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El Bulli stamper

Various Clients

Marketing items, 2018

We are proud to offer design work for anything you can imagine! This year we've done a lot of "different" things -- notepads, stampers, value cards and even poker chips.

Projects like these start by finding a vendor that can offer the best product for the best price. Then we work within their specs to create exactly what the client is looking for. It's always fun to open up the boxes when they arrive to see the finished pieces.

Designed using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop.

Byron Park District and Woodlawn Arts Academy covers

Various Clients

Catalogs, 2018

We have been designing periodicals since we started; in fact, we met while working for Sauk Valley Media! We most recently added the Sterling-Rock Falls YMCA's Annual Report, along with the Byron and Oregon park districts to our client list. We continue designing a monthly newsletter for St. John's Lutheran Church, Sterling and a semi-annual program catalog for Woodlawn Arts Academy.

In the past, we were part owners of HAVE FUN!, a weekly entertainment newspaper; and designed for The Sauk Valley Sun for approximately two years. Janel also worked as an art director for WATT, designing several monthly magazines and annual directories. For a brief time she also worked for the local Regional Office of Education, and during her stint there she designed their monthly newsletter and annual report.

Designed using Adobe InDesign, with photo and art work using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.

Sleeping Beauty tshirt

Various Clients

Clothing design, 2018

We work very closely with a number of clients to add designs to t-shirts, jackets, hats and pants. Many times we have to get creative and use only one ink color to save the clients money. It creates a fun challenge for us!

We work very closely with local and online clothing printers to find the the best product for the best price.

Designed using Adobe Illustrator.

A&A General Contracting logo

A & A General Contracting

Logo, 2018

This was a quick-turnaround logo for the client. They were working with another company to design a website, and that company asked us to design a logo that not only fit the company but also fit the "look" they were going for with their website.

Luckily, they caught us with a little down time, and we were able to turn this logo around in about 24 hours.

Designed using Adobe Illustrator.

Misi Inskeep Photography

Misi Inskeep Photography

Wordpress website, 2018

Having learned web design via HTML and CSS, it's sometimes difficult to step away from the nitty-gritty and work with "website builders" such as Wordpress. But for some clients it's the right option. It gives them a chance to make frequent updates to their website without the cost of having us do it. If they have time and are tech-savvy enough, it can work for them.

This client wanted the opportunity to make frequent updates without inconveniencing us, but needed a little extra help getting it set up.

Designed using Wordpress & ProPhoto, with some work in Adobe Photoshop.

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Wedding Shower Invitation

Various Clients

Small print design projects, 2018

We often get requests for small, simple print design projects, sometimes from clients and sometimes from friends and family. These make for a fun little way to get away from the stresses of the daily grind.

The projects pictured include an invitation for an autumn-themed wedding shower, a business card for Janel's uncle's side business, along with an Annual Appeal card for Woodlawn Arts Academy.

Designed using Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop.

NRG Media podcast icons

NRG Media

Podcast icons, 2018

In the course of upgrading their website, the client was looking for digital icons for their various podcasts. We chose to go with a large color palette, keeping the smaller type on each image in the same font and the icon in generally the same location, both for consistency. What started as about four icons turned into these 13. Eventually we were also asked to design a new logo for one of the client's radio stations, as well as to update existing logos to clean them up.

Designed using Adobe Illustrator.

Cypress Skincare


Website redesign, 2019

After a couple of years with a dark-colored website and inconsistent photos, this client wanted a revamp that gave her skincare line's site a fresh, bright look. With the client halfway across the country, and two hours behind us, we were challenged with getting photos that worked for everyone as well as finding the best time to chat on the phone, or via Skype or texting/emailing.

This Wordpress website allows the client to input coupons for specials. Additionally, orders are processed using PayPal and Woocommerce.

Designed using Wordpress, with photo work in Adobe Photoshop. Popup subscription form created with Mailchimp.

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Selmi's flower shop advertisement

Various Clients

Print advertising, 2018

Some people might say that print is dead, but there are still plenty of cases where it's useful. Our area alone has a handful of newspapers and glossy magazines that are well-read.

Our background in print design gives us a great foundation for knowing what will print well on newsprint, matte and glossy papers. We design print advertising for all of these formats multiple times per month.

Designed using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign.

Depot Bar and Grill logo

Depot Bar & Grill

Logo, 2018

When we ran into this client while ordering cookies at the local bake shop, he said, "Oh! Just the person I needed to talk to!"

The client's local tavern was reopening their kitchen and needed to update their logo for the menus. They wanted to keep their signature diamond outline, but modernize it a bit and add "Bar & Grill" to the logo. We were able to do a fairly quick turnaround on this project, and we love the simple look.

Designed using Adobe Illustrator.

First Presbyterian Church

1st Presbyterian

Website redesign, 2017

After about five years -- this was our first-ever paying website design client -- it was time to give this site a new look. It needed to be mobile-responsive as well as to have an overall modern look.

With a great photographer in the church's congregation, we wanted to go with something photo-heavy. The left-side navigation is different from what most websites offer these days, but it definitely works in this instance.

Designed using HTML & CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver, with logo work in Adobe Illustrator & photo work in Adobe Photoshop.

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TSF Soccer Club

TSF Soccer Club

Website design, 2018

This client started with just a page on Iowa Soccer's website, but wanted something more unique to their club. We decided on what's known as a one-page website because of the relatively small amount of information they wanted on the site. We also designed the club's new logo, as they had recently added a third town to their club.

Designed using HTML & CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver, with logo work in Adobe Illustrator & photo work in Adobe Photoshop.

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RFHS Marching Rockets Trailer

Various Clients

Decals & Large-Format Printing, 2018

Sometimes the bigger the better, especially when it comes to rolling stock and on-stage items. Pictured are a wrap for a trailer, our own car decal and 96-by-120-inch posters to decorate the wings of a local auditorium's stage during a dance recital.

We worked with local vendors for printing and installation on these items, always seeking out the best product for the best price.

Designed using Adobe Illustrator.

East Coloma-Nelson Craft Fair

Various Clients

Poster & billboard designs, 2018

It's fun seeing your work in large format out in public! That's why we love doing billboard and poster designs. And yes, as evidenced in the images here, we will stop the car to get out and snap a picture.

Designed using Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop.

TSF Soccer logo

TSF Soccer Club

Logo, 2018

When Iowa's Tripoli and Sumner soccer club added in the nearby town of Fredericksburg, they needed a new name, new logo and new mascot. We worked with the team to come up with a design that fit the bill, including the look of a professional soccer team's brand. The wild cat in front of the soccer ball makes this one of our favorite logos to date.

Designed using Adobe Illustrator.

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